JEM'S Collies Fall/Winter page 22- Spring Brings College and High School Graduation !

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Looking forward to Graduations, new family additions!

Almost here Big Graduations ! Emily as a Vet Tech from C.C.C.C., after passing boards a Reg Vet Tech ! Jeremiah Graduating from High School, looking forward to R.C.C. and comercial Photography ! Bonnie and her first litter of puppies, soon Hallo too !

Super Bowl Puppies, Gizzy and I chih's litter 2-1-15

Bonnies first litter, born on 2-7-15, beautiful puppies, daddy Duckie very happy! Look for pictures of our pick Trixie coming soon !

Sample Photo 2

Johnnie in the white shirt holding her "Scotlynn", her friends and sisters  Tina and Mary, came with her to play "stork" bringing Maria her puppy Meghan,thank you !innocent

Sample Photo 3

Thank you Terri and Hushpuppy for your contribution and time for Barks and Bling a Charity for the Humane Society for the Pikes Peak Region supporting the  Animal Shelters in Colorado Springs and Pueblo,love the Smiles !

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Congratulations Junie B and Emily, first point, beat Daddyfor Best of Breed and Best in Misc,thank you Judge Mr Joseph Gregory. Sadie and Emily won Best Veteran Collie and Group 1 Veteran Herding,next day was Jeremiah and I chih with win and Best in Misc, ,Gabby and Emily in Collies won Winners Bitch and BestOpposite Sex great show weekend in Lumberton,NC!

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Congratulations Emily !! College Graduate, Vet Med Tech, after passing boards Reg  Vet Tech !! Youngest in history of the program to graduate ! Go Get Them Emily !kiss

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Wow, time has flown,our last trip to the Zoo as teenagers, next time Emily will be 20, Jeremiah in College !kiss

Sample Photo 7

How sweet, Ty (chief engineer CTO for Mapquest) and his family picking up their puppy Karsci and helping a local family in Michigan bringing their Mr Scruffy home, so many firsts in the 2 different litters born 6 days apart, we love our families,then generosity with other families,why we believe our "JEM'S" have the best families,thank you !

Sample Photo 8

Welcoming the newest JEM'S- Trixie-JEM'S Adamanitine Beatrice I O, dob 2-7-15,beautiful daughter of Duckie and Bonnie.

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The Light at the end is near !! Refreshing, ready for finals,great Beach day, next up Academic Excellence Award May 6th then for  Emily College Graduation May 22nd, Jeremiah' High School Graduation June 7th !!cool

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Congratulations Emily- Academic Excellence  Awards at CCCC on 5-7-15, Outstanding Student in Vet. Med. Tech !!! The only award for this accomplishment ! Proud of you Emily !

Sample Photo 11

Way To Go Jeremah, Big Congratulations!!! 2 Scholarships first from the Carthage Rotary(1 of 3 awarded) and second from CCA Tuff Quest ( 1 of 5 given across the USA!!)

Sample Photo 12

Congratulations Jeremiah, Baccalaureate om June 7th,2015

Sample Photo 13

From the 50th Graduating Class of North Moore High School- Jeremiah,June 12th,2015 !! Next is RCC for commercial photography,fall 2015 ! Go Jeremiah,proud of you !